Margaret Thatcher Stamp

One of the problems with the British Post Office issuing a stamp to commemorate Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister, who died last year is that she was not entirely popular with some people…a sizeable part of the Norn Iron population, Argentinians and trade unionists to name but a few.

Hard to really know what should be built over her grave. Possibly the Margaret Thatcher Memorial Dance Floor so that her many critics could dance on her grave. Or the Margaret Thatcher Memorial Urinal, where her many critics could pi………..well you get the message.

So I pass no comment as to whether either of these postcards are a fitting testimony to her. Many will know the notorious tabloid headline which celebrated the deaths of Argentine sailors on board the Belgrano. Sailing away from the war zone, they died when their ship was hit by a British submarine. This postcard commemorates that event . I should point out that the postcard is from a firm …Leeds Postcards…which produced a lot of anti-Conservative cards during the 1980s. The message on the card has the Irish and Argentine flags and “Las Islas Malvinas Argentina” (The Malvinas are Argentine).

PC75 PC75a

The second postcard was also produced in 1980s to raise funds for “Prisoners Books” and is a montage of not-so-pleasant things about Norn Iron, including a photograph of Thatcher on a visit to see British troops. The message on the card is a quote from Irish Republican Army hunger striker, Bobby Sands. “Our revenge will be the laughter of our children”.

PC76 PC76a


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