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I have to say that I was disappointed that I could not find any magazines for Stamp Collectors when I visited United States for the first and (so far) only time in February 2013. Maybe I expected to be at … Continue reading

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Easter Rising 1916: Commemorative Coin 1966

I bought this coin for my older son’s 32nd birthday today. This was the only Ten Shillings coin issued by Ireland. The highest value coin prior to 1966 was the Half Crown (Two Shillings and Sixpence). The lowest banknote was … Continue reading

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Blogging…An Integral Part Of My Collecting

I first heard about Blogging thru media reports about “The Baghdad Blogger” during the Iraq War more than a decade ago. Allegedly he was a lone man on a computer who was getting the most accurate information out of Baghdad. … Continue reading

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It is now three and a half years since I came back to Stamp Collecting after a hiatus of twelve years. It is a strange thing that I fell out of love with Stamp Collecting in 2000/01 as I qas … Continue reading

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Robert Ballagh…Commemorating 1916 Rising

An FĂ©ile….the annual West Belfast Festival of Culture, Debate, Concerts etc took place earlier this month. In my role as a “political” blogger, it is one of the highlights of my year. I think it is fair to say that … Continue reading

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