Postcards: Wish List (USA)

I have over eight hundred modern USA cards…unwritten and unposted. I think this collection is based on familiarity with American places and themes, based on half a century of listening to American music and watching American TV. I have only been to USA once…in 2013.

So I am setting out a “wish list”. It is not meant to be exhaustive. American themes…Revolutionary War and Civil War interest me. But essentially I am setting the list out in terms of place

Washington DC….I have postcards of White House and most, if not all the major monuments in the city.

Below is an Alpha-list, showing the number of cards that I have from each state, some cards that I would like.

Alabama…Any City.

Alaska…Any City.

Arizona…Any City except Phoenix, Tombstone, Scottsdale.

Arkansas…Any City except Little Rock.

California…Any City except Sacramento, Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Santa Monica.

Colorado…Any City except Denver.

Connecticut…Any City except Hartford.

Delaware…Any City.

Florida…Any City except Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Fort Myers, Key West, Orlando, Disney.

Georgia…Any City except Atlanta, Savannah.

Hawaii…Any City.

Idaho…Any City.

Illinois…Any City except Springfield, Chicago.

Indiana…Any City except  Indianapolis, South Bend.

Iowa…Any City except Des Moines.

Kansas…Any City except Dodge City.

Kentucky…Any Cityexcept Frankfort, Paducah.

Louisiana…Any City except Baton Rouge, New Orleans.

Maine…Any City except Bangor.

Maryland…Any City except Baltimore.

Massachusetts…Any City except Boston, Springfield, Holyoke, Salem.

Michigan…Any City except Detroit, Flint.

Minnesota…Any City except Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth.

Mississippi…Any City except Jackson.

Missouri…Any City except Kansas City.

Montana…Any City.

Nebraska…Any City except Omaha.

Nevada…Any City except Carson City, Las Vegas.

New Hampshire…Any City.

New Jersey…Any City except Trenton, Atlantic City.

New Mexico…Any City except Gallup.

New York…Any City except New York, Rochester.

North Carolina…Any City except Charlotte.

North Dakota…Any City.

Ohio…Any City except Coumbus, Cleveland, Cincinnatti.

Oklahoma…Any City except Oklahoma, Tulsa.

Oregon…Any City except Salem, Portland.

Pennsylvania…Any City except Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Hershey, Stroudsbourg, Carlisle, New Hope, Amish Country, Gettysburg, Pittsburg, Mercer, Erie.

Rhode Island…Any City except Providence, Charlestown, Narragansett.

South Carolina…Any City except Charleston, Columbia, Camden.

South Dakota…Any City except Pierre, Deadwood, Mount Rushmore, Sturgis.

Tennessee…Any City except Nashville. Chattanooga, Memphis.

Texas…Any City except Austin, Amarillo, Galveston, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Johnson City,  Arlington, San Antonio, Houston, Waco, Fort Worth, Dallas, San Jacinto.

Utah…Any City.

Vermont…Any City except Waterbury, Teddy Bear Company.

Virginia…Any City except Richmond, Fort Monroe, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Winchester, Arlington, Mount Vernon, Monticello, Winchester, Manassas.

Washington…Any City except Seattle, Peace Arch.

West Virginia…Any City.

Wisconsin…Any City except Madison, Green Bay, Fort Mackinac, Milwaukee.

Wyoming…Any City.

I emphasise this is not exhaustive. I am missing some Capitols, Flags, Maps, Battle Sites, Stadiums, Museums.


About John

Dia Duit! Hello. My name is John. I am retired. I live in Ireland. I am on a five year mission to visit every city, town, village and place of historic and scenic interest in Ireland.
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2 Responses to Postcards: Wish List (USA)

  1. Janie Monroe says:

    Hi, John. Interesting list. I am in NC and can send copies of other cities. I am really fond of the Obama card which I traded with you. Lots of comments. There is a card that I have seen in another group which came from Ireland. It is a map type card with the title “Family Names of Ireland”. I would really like to own one. My family name is “Evans”. The card’s main color is a bright yellow. I have no other info. Appreciate any help. In the meantime, I will put together a packet of USA cards for you.
    Janie Monroe.

    • John says:

      Thanks for this comment Janie.
      First of all about North Carolina. I have some map cards and multi views that are “general” NC.
      The other cards I haveare
      Outer Banks..multi view
      Blue Ridge Highway…multi view
      Charlotte (2…one of which is NFL stadium)
      Lake Norman
      Atlantic Beach
      Cape Hatteras
      Bodie Island Light
      Biltmore Estate, Ashville
      Emerald Isle.

      So any other city in NC would be much appreciated. I would love one of Chapel Hill. I have a non collecting friend there and sadly she has not picked up my hints to send a card. I like the sound of Chapel Hill.

      The family names of Ireland card….in my own collection, I have a blue one and green one. They have different names on them. I got them about 20 years ago in a posh “heraldic” store near Trinity College in Dublin. My own name is on one of them. The map shows the place in Ireland where specific names originate. If I had seen more than two cards I would have bought them as Family Names intrigue me.
      (EDIT….I looked at my album. I DO have the YELLOW card). It was bought in west of Ireland and was published by Bell’cards, a small firm and as I have not seen any of their cards in years, it might have gone out of business…they produced some great cards auch as Irish Horses, Irish Fish, Irish Birds, Irish Musical instruments as well as map cards (unfortunately I was never able to complete a full set).

      In the same store there were packs of four family crests…including my own Mooney….which I bought and other family names…McGuinness (Magennis…being my wifes family name…Brady my others maiden name). For some peculiar reason, I have three O’Sullivan cards.
      I have been in that posh store a few times over the last few years and the heraldic postcards dont seem to be sold now. I suspect the rise of home computers and printers means people can “print their own” or use Zazzle…but you have raised an interesting topic here. I must look into this.

      Id be surprised if the name Evans shows up as I think it is a Welsh name.
      I think that I might write something about these name cards in my Blog and illustrate the Blog with examples.
      Thank you again for raising this.

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