So I counted my stamps this week and the total is 20,047. This is up from 14,021 declared at 15th December 2015. The increase is partly due to adding a lot of stamps, purchased at a club auction at the end of last year but mostly because I have added in my Ireland stamps for the first time.

The next month should be interesting. The National Stamp Exhibition, “Stampa” takes place in Dublin next weekend (Friday-Sunday). A new venue. I have seen a floor plan for stall holders and it looks much reduced. Partly this is because the event is not being held in conjunction with the annual Coin Fair and Exhibition.

It will be interesting to see how attendance is affected. I have a “wants list” of about six Irish items. Obtaining them wont bring “completion” but will probably bring me as close as I will get. I actually think “completion” is not as important as the satisfaction of a personalised and quirky collection.

I am tempted to join a Club/Society. Both the Irish Philatelic Circle and Éire Philatelic Association will be in attendance next week. Apart from about five years in the 1980s, I have avoided membership of a club.

I hold a Groucho Marx view. Famously Groucho declared he would not join a (golf) club which would have him as a member. But there ARE benefits to membership. But I have always felt that both the IPC and EPA were a little “grand”…..too exclusive for the likes of me. My impression has always been that while both IPC and EPA have members all over the world….IPC seems to be based in Ireland/Britain while EPA is based in North America. Perhaps a misleading impression.

At the end of October, the “winter” North of Ireland Stamp and Postcard Fair takes place in Belfast. Less ambitious “wants list” for a few Norn Iron regional stamps. There will be a lot of Irish postcards from the “Golden Age” (1900-1922) and a useful source for “English” postmarks from pre-Independent Ireland. As always the problem is “price”. While my interest is secondary, the prices are set with postcard collectors in mind…so the publisher of the card and the view or theme of the card influences price more than the postmark.

Finally on 10th November the North of Ireland Philatelic Society hosts an auction night. Targets ….well a lot of cheap stuff should be available. Very much a “wait and see” night.


About John

Dia Duit! Hello. My name is John. I am retired. I live in Ireland. I am on a five year mission to visit every city, town, village and place of historic and scenic interest in Ireland.
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One Response to 20,047

  1. Timbrofil says:

    20K+… so you have a pretty big collection, indeed! 🙂 Thanks for share these thoughts with us, and have fun at ‘Stampa’. I must admit that I would like to be present at all these events… Regards, Catalin

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