Stamp Fair: 8th April 2017

I was at a Stamp Fair on Saturday.

Apart from “new issues”, I have not bought any Ireland stamps from my Wants List since last October. I will return to the Wants List in about six weeks.

I have two very different hobbies. One…Philately….is about Ireland. The other …Stamp Collecting… is about the World. Philately is expensive. Stamp Collecting is cheap.

Really for too many years, I have been neglecting Stamp Collecting. The consequence is that the number of stamps I have for some countries is much lower than might be expected.

To some extent, some countries are not on the Radar. For example, the African countries, formerly in the French Empire are more collectable in Paris than in London…Trinidad and Tobago attracts more interest in London than Miami….and stamps from Mexico are more more familiar in Miami than in London.

So…Republic of Korea (South Korea) is one of those that has little impact in London, Dublin or Belfast. I have just FIVE stamps from this literate, well-populated and rich country. Of course, it would be very different in the United States as many homes would have seen mail delivered from military personnel in Korea (and likewise Philippines and Taiwan).

Recently, I set up a spreadsheet. It shows the number of stamps I have from each country and the target number for the end of this year.

So on Saturday, I was looking out for cheap stamps from some of those under-represented countries. So I was able to pick up fifteen Korean stamps and that takes me past my “target”. Likewise I have exceeded my “target” for Thailand, Austria and Japan. And I have now identified a source who will help me with other under-represented countries.

Philately and Stamp Collecting are very different hobbies. I intend to enjoy both.


About John

Dia Duit! Hello. My name is John. I am retired. I live in Ireland. I am on a five year mission to visit every city, town, village and place of historic and scenic interest in Ireland.
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2 Responses to Stamp Fair: 8th April 2017

  1. Timbrofil says:

    I agree with you! I must admit that the 2 hobbies you talk about are in the mind of any philatelist… or any stamp collector as well. 😉 Warm regards, and good luck with your goals! Cătălin

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