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Postcard Review: 2017

I suppose it is inevitable that the progress I made with Stamps in 2017 is balanced by a fairly disappointing year with Postcards. IRELAND I have spent the last forty five years travelling thru-out Ireland. This means that I have … Continue reading

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The number of “World Stamps” in my collection now stands at 22,578. For a person who has been collecting since about 1961, it seems like a very low total. In part, it is so low because my main interest is … Continue reading

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Post Offices & Stamps On A Roll

“Stamps On A Roll” (SOAR) were introduced as the new definitive series in 2010. These are printed by computer in all post offices. The first series featured Irish Mammals and Marine Life and eight designs appeared in each roll. New … Continue reading

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Duplicates for Exchange

Recently I obtained a lot of kiloware. I can trade/exchange 25 Irish stamps to about ten people. See the scan below. These are booklet and coil stamps…fauna definitive, Easter Rising, historic objects and Christmas stamps.   If you would like … Continue reading

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