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Printer is gumming: UK issues Game of Thrones stamps

Originally posted on The Punk Philatelist:
Happy New Year, readers! Hoping your year is as bloody awesome as the pun in my headline. 2018 has kicked off with the news that on January 23, the UK’s Royal Mail is releasing…

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I Joined Irish Philatelic Circle

Last week on this Blog, I stated that I could not join a Stamp Club/Society. And on Sunday…I joined the Irish Philatelic Circle. What made me change my mind ? Well on Saturday, I attended a Stamp Postcard/Fair in Belfast … Continue reading

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Some New Covers

Not many purchases at Stampa 2016 yesterday. In part I was working to a very precise “wants list” of Irish miniature sheets (used). A word about “used” miniature sheets. It is in part a risible concept. Miniature Sheets are generally … Continue reading

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Buying Postcards in Ireland: Part Two

Ireland has a population of over six million people.the country has thirty-two counties. Some (eg Cork, Tipperary, Antrim) are large with big large populations. Others (eg Leitrim, Carlow, Longford) are small and have small populations. To take County Wexford as … Continue reading

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Nollaig Shona! Happy Christmas!

Wishing all readers of this Blog a great Christmas! Nollaig Shona!

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My Postcard Collection

My son, daughter-in-law and three children have been living with us for over a year. They found their own place about six weeks ago. We now have some extra rooms in the house. So I have turned one room into … Continue reading

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Robert Ballagh…Commemorating 1916 Rising

An FĂ©ile….the annual West Belfast Festival of Culture, Debate, Concerts etc took place earlier this month. In my role as a “political” blogger, it is one of the highlights of my year. I think it is fair to say that … Continue reading

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