New Issues 2017: Part Ten

Thursday 21st September 2017.

Urban Street Art. Four stamps all at National Rate. I bought two sets yesterday. In a few days, I will post one set to myself.

There is also a premium booklet with four sets of the stamps and photographs of the four designs at their locations (three in Dublin and one in Limerick). The stamps in these booklets are rarely used for genuine mail. They are in essence a souvenir. But on at least one previous occasion, the printing of the stamp has been catalogued as a variety, so I always buy the booklet.

UrbanArt I am not a fan of the concept of “Urban Art”. It seems too close to “Graffiti” for my taste. Maybe I am a Philistine but every time I see a pretentious “Art Lover” praise Urban Street Art, I have an uncontrollable urge to go to his/her home and spray paint on their walls. Let’s see if they also become…Philistines.

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New Issues 2017: Part Nine

The latest New Issues.

Secondary Education Act 50th Anniversary (one stamp). National Ploughing Championships (two stamps and a miniature sheet).


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Stamp and Postcard Fairs

Two “collectables” Fairs in Belfast last weekend.  I obtained fifty used postcards. I now have used postcards from over eighty countries and on Saturday, I added Jamaica, Peru and Ethiopia. I also obtained Cook Islands.

Stamps…not such a good day. My target this year is to get a lot of cheap used stamps. Specialising in Ireland for over forty years is an obsession and not always “fun” but I think cheap used stamps are a lot of “fun”. It makes me feel like a 10 year old stamp collector. On Saturday, I got some stamps from Singapore, Cyprus and Sri Lanka but I think the highlight of the day was a single genuinely used stamp from Burkina Faso.

As a general rule, genuinely used stamps from the former French colonies in Africa are hard to get. Likewise genuinely used stamps from the former Soviet and Yugoslav republics.

A lot of Exhibitions and Fairs will be taking place over the next two months. I am hoping to buy a lot of cheap used stamps.


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Duplicates for Exchange


Some duplicates available for Exchange:

To be clear, I do not trade on basis of catalogue. These are duplicate stamps and without any real value. I will trade on the basis of 1:1 and a maximum of 40 stamps per person.


Duplicates104Duplicates105 Duplicates106

Duplicates107 Duplicates108 Duplicates109


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New Issues 2017: Part Eight

Update on new issues in recent weeks.

A set of four stamps plus miniature sheet (Railway Stations), Death Centenary of Francis Ledwidge (poet) and Birth Centenary of Jack Lynch (politician).


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Stamp & Postcard Fair

Stamp & Postcard Fair in Belfast yesterday.

Not a good day for Stamps but a great day for Postcards. I picked up four  Irish “golden age” postcards from the early 1900s.

But I also got NINETY used modern postcards from several different countries. Really happy that I got some “new” countries…Malawi, Gambia, Seychelles and Ecuador.

A good day.

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New Issues 2017: Part Seven

A new stamp to commemorate the Women’s Rugby World Cup was issued on 13th July. The event takes place in Ireland.


The single stamp features Niamh Briggs, captain of the Irish team. I bought the mint stamps and First Day Cover at the Philatelic Bureau in Dublin yesterday. Stamps which I posted to myself should arrive in the early part of next week.

The 2017 programme published in January did not feature this stamp. It was added to the programme about a month ago.

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