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The Problem With Stamp Collecting…Part 426

The problem with Stamp Collecting is …the People. Postal Administrations. Dealers….but mostly Stamp Collectors. Although there are clearly collectors that I like….I just don’t like them as a group. According to my wife…who is usually right about these things…intelligent people … Continue reading

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Stamp Collectors: Neutrality and “Sanctions”

One of the things that I like most about Stamp Collecting is the manner in which mail is sent around the world. The Universal Postal Union is an organisation of truly heroic standing. The fact that I can send a … Continue reading

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Closing 400 Post Offices in Ireland?

Take a look at this headline from the Irish Independent (a leading morning newspaper) from Friday 29th August, two days ago. First of all some facts. At 2008, there were 1,424 post offices in the Republic of Ireland. According to … Continue reading

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Something New To Collect?

Stamps…Postcards…Coins…Bubblegum Cards. Impossible of course to collect “everything” but I think the DNA of any collector is to be seriously interested in one subject and casually interested in other subjects. Many American friends collect political campaign buttons and certainly it … Continue reading

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The Politics of Irish Stamps

The Decade of Centenaries. The odd thing about Stamp Collecting (besides the eccentricity of people who collect stamps) is that it can be extremely “political”. In the case of Ireland this is hardly surprising. An Irish Stamp Album is in … Continue reading

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